Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portfolio Management: 1 - What is it and why is it so important

When I laid out the progression of my blog and what I wanted to talk about I quickly realized that I had to cover a lot of core concepts before I could start talking about how my deposits and individual purchase will go. As much as I try to mentally put myself back several years when I was starting out I missed a pretty big thing...

The lingo, acronyms, and language that investors and traders use.

So I figured I'd pull back the camera so to speak to get a wide a discussion as possible to include everyone. Without it then some could quickly get lost in missing my message. Thats the entire opposite of what I am attempting. Thusly we have the next video.

EDIT: At the time this blog entry was posted I had a Youtube video here. That has been removed but I want the rest of my content to be remain. Nothing hidden no past mistakes ignored. All out in the open. 

I need to really find out how exactly Youtube picks its spot as the picture for a video that isnt playing. I look like I am falling asleep. Ok ok I know financial discussion isnt the most exciting of concepts but come on!

Back to portfolio management. Where as this video covers portfolio management more as a concept, the next video will cover the exact rules of this model portfolio that I am sharing.

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