Friday, April 29, 2011

Introduction to the blog

The first entry to a blog is always a fresh moment. A new start. The laying of foundations.
Thats what I do in my first video...

EDIT: At the time this blog entry was posted I had a Youtube video here. That has been removed but I want the rest of my content to be remain. Nothing hidden no past mistakes ignored. All out in the open

Quite the daunting task isn't it? I mean to dispel the common misconceptions about the financial markets? Teach the newcomer on what to do and what not to do to make sure they don't blow up their accounts and get a big GAME OVER message on their broker account statement.

I can remember first starting out several years ago trying to educate myself on investing and trading. It really is intimidating trying to navigate past people who throw more money around in a trade that I take home as a paycheck for 3 months. And just as I describe in the video... I was often blown off because I didn't have enough money to even talk and share ideas with.  I promised myself if I ever got to a point where I could pass on my knowledge and ideas to those starting out I would.
And here I am. Several years later.

Going forward I have plans for both the Youtube channel and this blog. A LOT of plans. 

In several blogs and sites I've seen series of playlists progressing along a common topic. I got a lot of utility out of those even if it was nothing else then unwinding after work with a beer or glass of wine. I will have several of those covering all sorts of topics. There is a whole lot of things that a person needs to think about and take into consideration. Far more then most will realize and for some... more then they will ever actually learn.

I'll be sharing my thoughts and ideas on investing and trading with a model portfolio. It will have real money and be a real account. I often found it hard to believe in the message of others that demonstrated with $100,000 fake accounts especially when I was still scraping money together.
A word of warning though... do NOT shadow me. Shadowing is when you do the exact same trades and investments as another person. Thats always a bad idea.
My goals for my money are my own and may not fit your portfolio and needs. When I do things may not be the right time for you to do them. My trades and investments fit my needs. 

Now thats not to say I wontl share ideas and help those I can with their own goals because I will.
Thats why I am doing all this.



    (Sorry, but the war on the idea that you have to have $50,000, as you well know ... is one in which I am firmly entrenched ...)

  2. Indeed my friend. Sometimes it really does feel like its a war and an unnecessary one at that. Its like those with the discouraging attitudes forgot that they once started out with no knowledge and a small account.

  3. it's the true American way!! Go man go!!

  4. Good move.....There will be some good moments, and some not so good moments. But, lets live it together. Keep in mind that you will get kudos and criticism in the same month, depending on the market conditions, so please be ready to have a bit of thick skin esp. when you are putting a real-money-portfolio together. There are many money managers out there that publish a real money portfolio, but they are good, big and for the rich folks.

    Go for it.....We'll put in our few cents. I have a few decades of investment experience, but every market correction makes me feel like I am starting new.


  5. Wise words for me to keep in mind Kenny.

    Having a thick skin. I've been around enough to know exactly what you are saying. Agreed that the criticism will come, its unavoidable when having a public presence.

    On market corrections making it feel like its new. Again I really agree with that. There is always something new to learn with the financial markets. I make no claim that I am an expert and just as I am sharing my ideas I am eager to hear what others have to add.

    If its one thing I have learned about the financial education process is that you read, research, and listen to what others are doing. Take the part that fit ones individual needs and personality and discard the rest. I'm imagining that my blog will be the same.

  6. Congrats on the new start! Heard about you from Airelon, and can't wait to learn from what you have to say.

  7. I like the use of the marathon analogy since for this type of portfolio and perhaps retirement portfolio as well since stamina is key. Trying to do this as a sprint will probably end up like this: