Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 72 update

EDIT: At the time this blog entry was posted I had a Youtube video here. That has been removed but I want the rest of my content to be remain. Nothing hidden no past mistakes ignored. All out in the open.

Weekly Activity
$100 deposit into Trading
$1.89 dividend from AFL
$1.76 dividend from WMT
$2.34 dividend from COP
$0.35 dividend from PSX

Model Portfolio Totals

Trading Account: $1,925.78
Estimated Monthly Income: $0
Max loss per trade (1% of account): $19.25
Portfolio stop (3% account): $58.77

Investing Account: $4,382.49
Estimated Monthly Income: $14.74 ($0.419 from DRIP)
     ABT: $0.77 ($0.012 from DRIP)
     AFL: $0.64 ($0.010 from DRIP)
     STX: $1.08 ($0.010 from DRIP)
     WMT: $0.59 ($0.014 from DRIP)
     COP: $0.79 ($0.025 from DRIP)
     ERF: $0.91 ($0.068 from DRIP)
     WHZ: $3.68
     O: $1.11 ($0.047 from DRIP)
     TCAP: $2.28 ($0.051 from DRIP)
     JNK: $1.72 ($0.121 from DRIP)
     PCY: $1.17 ($0.059 from DRIP)
Maneuvering Cash: $1,321.76

Savings Account: $1,975.20
Emergency Fund: $1,000
General/Car Fund: $625.20
Portfolio Protection
     Trading Account: $100
     Investing Account: $250

Disclaimer: The investments and trades in my videos and blog entries are not recommendations for others. I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant, or tax adviser. The financial actions I talk about are for my own portfolio and money and only suited for my own risk tolerance, strategy, and ideas. Copying another person's financial moves can lead to large losses. Each person needs to do their due diligence in researching and planning their own actions in the financial markets.


  1. Congrats on your first $100 worth of dividends. Your blog is very inspiring. I hope we can all witness the next $100 and much more.

  2. yes it is troubled!
    Very inspiring.
    and this guys head hasn't shown the slightest sign of swelling yet from our constant praise. some guys start out with the best intentions to help others and then they slowly drift away to "Im the smartest guy in the world, so, let me sell you somethin" land.
    hey, its their right.
    lets just hope our boy pulling never leaves us. haha

    1. Thank you for the compliment and I know exactly what you mean. I hope I never turn into that guy.

  3. heres my numbers.

    Estimated Yearly Income: $170.04
    Estimated Average Monthly Income: $14.17