Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 71 update

EDIT: At the time this blog entry was posted I had a Youtube video here. That has been removed but I want the rest of my content to be remain. Nothing hidden no past mistakes ignored. All out in the open.

Weekly Activity
$100 deposit into Investing
$3.22 dividend from STX
$1.12 dividend from PCY
$0.58 interest from Cash in Investing account
6.4% dividend raise for TCAP over previous quarter's dividend

Model Portfolio Totals

Trading Account: $1,825.78
Estimated Monthly Income: $0
Max loss per trade (1% of account): $17.25
Portfolio stop (3% account): $51.75

Investing Account: $4,330.61
Estimated Monthly Income: $14.73 ($0.402 from DRIP)
     ABT: $0.77 ($0.012 from DRIP)
     AFL: $0.63 ($0.005 from DRIP)
     STX: $1.08 ($0.010 from DRIP)
     WMT: $0.59 ($0.011 from DRIP)
     COP: $0.78 ($0.016 from DRIP)
     ERF: $0.91 ($0.068 from DRIP)
     WHZ: $3.68
     O: $1.11 ($0.047 from DRIP)
     TCAP: $2.28 ($0.051 from DRIP)
     JNK: $1.72 ($0.121 from DRIP)
     PCY: $1.17 ($0.055 from DRIP)
Maneuvering Cash: $1,321.76

Savings Account: $1,975.20
Emergency Fund: $1,000
General/Car Fund: $625.20
Portfolio Protection
     Trading Account: $100
     Investing Account: $250

Disclaimer: The investments and trades in my videos and blog entries are not recommendations for others. I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant, or tax adviser. The financial actions I talk about are for my own portfolio and money and only suited for my own risk tolerance, strategy, and ideas. Copying another person's financial moves can lead to large losses. Each person needs to do their due diligence in researching and planning their own actions in the financial markets.


  1. Hey Pulling, TCAP is a business development company. What payout ratio do BDCs usually have? I calculated 81%.

    I understand your thoughts on the complications of using month-over-month dividend comparisons. Personally, I have found it easy to project a stock's one year dividend to apply to my spreadsheets to find average monthly payments. Should a stock increase or decrease a future payout, I factor that into the spreadsheet by the end of the month to give the most accurate figure possible. My only reason for not reporting quarterly results is some stocks are DRIP'd and to me that complicates things.

    1. BDCs are required to payout 90% of their taxable income as dividends which are then NON qualified so they get taxed the full income tax rate.
      If they don't pay 90% though that there is no crime or fines... the extra is just taxed as corporate income.

  2. What are your thoughts about O's newest acquisition?

    1. At first I was annoyed. Always am at M&As because the company I thought I knew is no longer around and I have to research a second one for the complete picture.

      Short Answer: I like it, a lot. The properpty portfolio is more diversified with a higher tennant credit rating and the AFFO per share even after the 45million extra shares will give a +7% or so gain.

      Long Answer: I'm gonna have a separate entry for this as its the first M&A the Model Portfolio