Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Psychology of Emotions: 4 - Anger

The two easy emotions that can disrupt our trading and investing are out of the way, Greed and Fear. Its time to talk about the next one...

EDIT: At the time this blog entry was posted I had a Youtube video here. That has been removed but I want the rest of my content to be remain. Nothing hidden no past mistakes ignored. All out in the open.

Anger can be a powerful negative emotion that takes over our trading and investing. Greed and Fear can have a back and forth argument with logic with the "yeah but..." examples from those videos. Anger though can prevent the discussion in your mind from coming up at all by blocking you from thinking you are doing anything wrong to question in the first place.

It is critical for us as investors and traders in the forex or commodities or whatever it is you trade to start analyzing and dealing with emotions and money together. Finance is extremely math based and that can turn it into a robotic system. Technical analysis has its indicators, trend lines clearly showing make or break lines for entries and exits. Fundamental analysis has a ton of ratios and formulas to evaluate and judge strength and weakness. Yet neither of these two are going to click the mouse button to enter a trade. It is the human being, emotions and all, that does it.

Disclaimer: The investments and trades in my videos and blog entries are not recommendations for others. I am not a financial planner, financial advisor, accountant, or tax adviser. The financial actions I talk about are for my own portfolio and money and only suited for my own risk tolerance, strategy, and ideas. Copying another person's financial moves can lead to large losses. Each person needs to do their due diligence in researching and planning their own actions in the financial markets.

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