Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interesting start to the week for demo trading

The market giveth...

I logged on this morning to see if yesterday's long trade finally got stopped out and found this...

A full 100 pip $11 win was a nice addition. It helps overcome the psychological draw down of the more numerous but smaller losses. We can see a whole lot of nothing happened yesterday in the EUR/USD until later in the evening.

The coin came up heads again and you'll see the profit stop (pink line) and the trailing stop (purple line). Not the manliest of colors I admit however

The market taketh away...
I came back from walking the dog to close things up and I was stopped out for a near full 47 pips, -$5.52.

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  1. Hi,

    I came acroos your videos on youtube a few weeks ago but just came across your blog today. I think this is a great blog and I really look forward to watching you progress. I am a huge fan of dividend investing. There is nothing better than having one of your companies increase their dividend. I am trying to go through your blog but there are so many posts I have missed so it is difficult for me to find some info. My first question is regarding your forex trading. I don't know much about forex trading but what is the fee associated with trading forex? Isn't that going to cut in to your small profits on each trade?? Also when trading forex in the demo account you have going, how much $USD worth are you pretending to buy?

    Great blog!! and I look forward to your answers.

  2. Hello Shawn. Thanks for the compliment it means quite a bit to me to know others are getting utility out of my blog and channel.

    I am demo trading on oanda.com. There they only charge the spread, no commissions like some other places will. If I were paying commissions and the spread both you are correct, it would really cut into small profits in a small account.

    The size of the account is $1,500 which is the goal for Phase 1 of trading. That should be a good level where I can trade with live money yet any losses can be overcome with another new deposit.